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Nim’s Island Educator Guide is available for download at

Created in partnership with NOAA’s National Marine Sanctury Program and the National Wildlife Federation and adhering to National Standards in Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, Visual Arts and Character Education, this guide and poster contain lessons to introduce students to the idea of protecting the ocean the way Nim and her father do, and to understanding the idea of creatures’ dependence on their habitat for survival.

Please also check out for information on our upcoming Animal Planet special hosted by Jeff Corwin and the Nim’s Island: Our World Reel Thinking™ Environmental Challenge, through which your class could win a cash prize to implement an environmental project.

About the Book, the Movie and the Educator Guide

Walden Media has partnered with 20th Century Fox to bring Nim’s Island to the big screen. The movie, starring Jodie Foster, Abigail Breslin and Gerard Butler, is directed by Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett, who also wrote the screenplay based on Wendy Orr’s book.

Nim’s Island tells the fictional story of an adventurous girl named Nim who lives on a remote island in the South Pacific Ocean. You might think that because Nim lives far from “civilization” she would be very lonely. But Nim is blessed with many good friends, including a bird named Galileo, a lizard named Fred, a green sea turtle named Chica and a sea lion named Selkie who looks after Nim as though Nim were one of her own pups.

As a book, Nim’s Island is a fun, engaging read. As a movie, the story expands beautifully to fit the big screen, becoming as informative a look at marine life in the South Pacific as it is a story packed with intrigue and adventure. To further expand Nim’s Island as a teaching resource, we have partnered with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Marine Sanctuary Program, tapping their educational expertise and their strong belief in stewardship of the ocean. With NOAA we have created lessons that will enhance your students’ experience of the film and deepen their appreciation for the riches to be found in the ocean. Along the same lines, we have also partnered with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) for their valuable insight and knowledge of animals and the many different habitats in which they can be found. Building on our past work with NWF, we feel privileged to be working once again with an organization whose influence on children – and the world they will one day inherit – is profound.

Though Nim’s Island is an imaginary story, its depiction of the bio-diversity and richness of marine life is very real. So is its message of protecting for future generations all of the treasures to be found on and around Nim’s Island. We hope that like Nim, our film encourages students to explore, respect and appreciate our oceans and coasts.

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