Journey 3-D ShoWest Preview has a report on this summer’s film Journey 3D. Here’s a portion. Read the rest at Coming Soon if you would like.

One of the big screenings for exhibitors at this year’s ShoWest was the premiere of New Line and Walden Media’s Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D, the directorial debut by Oscar-nominated FX Specialist Eric Brevig (The Abyss, Pearl Harbor). As a fan of the Jules Verne novel, I was excited to see what they would do with it, especially being the first live action movie shot using the latest in 3D technology, and its ShoWest debut was apropos considering how 3D had become the buzz word for this year’s convention.

David Tuckerman, the President of New Line Theatrical Distribution, came out to introduce the movie, and told the audience that it was still planned for a July 11 release, although it will be distributed through Warner Bros. as per the new Time Warner plan. Director Eric Brevig then came out and said a few words and introduced two of the film’s stars, Brendan Fraser and newcomer Anita Briem, who said a few brief words before the movie started with very cool 3D versions of the New Line and Walden Media logos.

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