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Contact Us! is designed to be a website run by fans and for fans. For this to work, we need a dedicated team of individuals to act as journalists, finding and posting news about the movies found here. There are so many Walden Media films in the works, that one person cannot even hope to cover them all. Plus, I have so many other, and in some cases, more important projects that I work on, that it doesn’t leave me much time to make the design of this site what it should be.

Think you can help? Have news to submit? Contact us to be a Journalist!

This is NOT a paid position, and is volunteer based, only. We’re looking for people that care about spelling, quality articles, and that are positive minded. If things work out, you have the chance at becoming an editor on the site as well!

I am very excited at the possibility of creating a great news team, and hope to be able to bring the best of Walden Media to all the fans of their films. Up next is the integration of Walden Media’s book publishing arm. It’s something that I was planning on including in the re-design, but I figured that the design is, for the most part, ready to go. Look for the books to be added in the coming weeks!

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