Hinchinbrook locals audition for Nim’s Island

Up to 150 local people are to be employed as extras during the filming of Nim’s Island on Hinchinbrook Island in north Queensland.

Filming is under way on the Gold Coast, but cast and crew will move to north Queensland for two weeks towards the end of next month.

The film’s location manager, Gareth Price, says auditioning for extras has already begun.

He expects the film’s big names – Jodie Foster, Gerard Butler and Abigail Breslin – will all spend some time on Hinchinbrook.

“They’ll all be up there at some stage during the filming. When is depicted by the schedule, I don’t actually know what we’re going to be doing,” he said.

“If the weather’s nice then we’ll have certain scenes being played out on the beach. If it’s not so nice then we’ll have other scenes played.”

Mr Price says he expects some media attention, but it is hoped they will be able to shoot beach scenes at the remote location uninterrupted.

However he says he is sure there will be some interaction with the local community.

“Because we’re going to be on the island for all of the filming we will have our main unit base which will be at Cardwell, at Port Hinchinbrook, so there will be crew and cast to and from there but, yes, if they come down and say ‘hello’ I’m sure they’ll be greeted warmly,” he said.


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