Bandslam’s Gaelan Connell talks kissing Vanessa Hudgens, Aly Michalka

Gaelan Connell, a newcomer to the silver screen, and the leading role in the film Bandslam not only acted opposite High School Musical‘s Vanessa Hudgens and Aly & AJ‘s Aly Michalka, but he also shared a kiss on screen with each of them in the film. He was interviewed about it by Marc Malkin.

You get to kiss Vanessa and Aly in the movie. So what was that like?
I mean, work is pretty hard these days. You can imagine. [Laughs]. They’re so sweet. Vanessa’s kiss was like day five of the shooting, and I had just met her. I’m like real nervous. I’m kind of like freaking out. When I get nervous, the blood leaves my hands, so they get that weird tingly feeling. So, I’m sitting there, trying to shake them. She kind of looks at me like, Gaelan, why are you freaking out? And I’m looking at her like, Oh, come on. Like you’re really into this?

What if Zac is at the premiere watching the movie with all of you?
I like to pretend that I have a little Zac Efron in me, but my friends say that’s just wildly unrealistic. But no, it’s cool. I’ve actually talked to Zac a few times, and both Vanessa and Zac are so down to earth and so nice.

And kissing Aly?
Aly’s kiss scene was actually the last night of the movie. She pulled me aside and said, “Hey, Gaelan. This kiss better look friggin’ amazing!” And I was like, “Sure, OK, that’s cool.”

What was it like being with someone who’s hounded by paparazzi? Did Vanessa give you any pointers on how to handle it?
When we were shooting in New York, I liked to think they were getting photos of me. [Laughs]. I grew up looking at all those tabloids, and I can’t even imagine it. Vanessa told me about how when High School Musical opened there were 10 cars with paparazzi outside of her house. That’s crazy.

-via E! Online

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