Walden’s New Book COSMIC at the HarperCollins Spring Book Preview

Walden Pond Press is Walden Media’s first dedicated publishing imprint. In partnership with HarperCollins, they publish books for young readers; and for selected titles, they develop them with filmmakers to become feature films. Their first book is COSMIC by Frank Cottrell Boyce.

School Library Journal’s awesome blogger, Elizabeth Bird (a.k.a. Fuse #8) attended the HarperCollins Spring 2010 Librarian Preview recently and posted about all the books she saw.  Bird writes of the book at the librarian preview:

“And then we got down to what exactly Walden Pond Press is.  It’s the newest Harper Collins imprint, and it does have ties to Walden Media (the folks who created the new Narnia films and all).  However, this imprint is separate from the studio and they simply produce the kinds of books that would adapt to film easily.  Hm.

Of course Frank Cottrell Boyce is no stranger to the cinematic world.  If you’ll recall the book Millions was filmed in tandem with its publication.  Now he has a new book out called Cosmic.  I know two people who have read it so far, and the way they talk you’d think it was the next Holes.  A Carnegie Medal winner, the book is about a boy who looks 30 and cons his way into a visit to space.  Believe you me, it’s one of the first 2010 books I’ll be reading.”

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