Tooth Fairy star Dwayne Johnson Discusses the New Movie

Your character is a hockey player. Is being in movies that features sports important to you?

You bet. I just know how important sports was to me, and everything that sports and athletics taught me from the time I started doing gymnastics when I was a kid, which didn’t last very long, till the time I took martial arts and everything else. And I know the lessons that it taught me, and I’m aware of the impact that sports has on children’s lives, all around the world. So any time I’m able to implement that it’s just really, really a cool thing.

Was it difficult to play the tooth fairy?

It wasn’t difficult at all. I mean, it was a no brainer for me. The tooth fairy is part of our culture and it’s part of the wonderment of being a child and, and the beauty of growing up. The very first time that I was approached to play the tooth fairy, I loved it. I loved the idea number one, and because it’s a character that we haven’t seen come to life in movies before.

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