Tooth Fairy 2 – Now Available on Blu-ray and DVD – Trailer

Walden Media’s first direct to home video has been released this week.  It’s Tooth Fairy 2, starring Larry the Cable Guy (Cars, Cars 2).

About the Movie: Larry Guthrie is a fun-loving guy with a serious mission: to win back Brooke, the love of his life. But when Larry upsets a small boy with a loose tooth where Brooke works, he’s “sentenced” to become a real tooth fairy. It’s tutu-times the laughs watching Larry strut his stuff in pink tights and ballet shoes as he tries to restore the boy’s faith before Brooke marries the wrong man — and he only has ten days to git-r-done!

Purchase from Amazon: Tooth Fairy 2 on Blu-ray | Tooth Fairy 2 on DVD | Tooth Fairy 2 Instant Video

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