Breslin has Fun with Sea Lions

ABIGAIL BRESLIN learned how to ride sea lions while making new family film NIM’S ISLAND with JODIE FOSTER.

The treat was part of a wild time the 11-year-old child actress had on the set in Australia.

She explains, “I got to snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef. I held a koala, which was really cool, and I got to feed a kangaroo. You’re not allowed to touch the ones in the pouch but I didn’t expect them to be so huge.

“But the best thing was riding the sea lions. I never did that before so it was pretty fun. The sea lions are so cool.

“They put this harness around them with two handles and you hold onto them and they go underneath the water and back up. The tricky part was keeping your eyes open underwater because the water would splash up into them.”


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