Why didn’t You see Bandslam?

Well, as we know, Bandslam is probably the best reviewed movie of the year that will end up with a box office shy of $15 million. It’s very sad, to me, that this movie could go forgotten. But those of us that saw it, and enjoyed it, will gladly add it to our DVD / Blu-ray Disc collections, and share it with friends for years to come. I hope for a second life for the movie, when it hits home video in the coming months, which could be October or November. I hope that Summit actually does the right thing, for home video, and loads it with special features. I’m talking a 2-Disc special edition. Don’t release it featureless, blaming the poor box-office performance, Summit. That was your fault, and you know it. Take ownership of it, and make the home video release into an event. Make it into a feature that people think they missed somehow, amid the summer releases… which is true. Feel free to re-name the film to its’ original title: Will. It’s fairly uncommon to rename movies for home video, but it does happen.

What I want to know is, why didn’t you see it? If you did, feel free to chime in with why you did as well.

Why didn't you see 'Bandslam?'

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Just to clarify something: I included Vanessa Hudgens on the list because of the number of people I’ve heard mention her name as being part of why they didn’t see it, over and over again. I didn’t mean anything against her, as she did a great job in the film, and I don’t mind her as an actor.

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