The Seeker – Book vs. Film: Call for Submissions

Here’s a thread for submitting content for our new “Book vs. Film” pages that I decided to create after hearing the negative comments about the changes.

Here’s how it works.

To have a change added to the page you MUST follow these guidelines

  • Compare changes in character/place/thing from book description to film.
  • If item appears in one and not the other, note that.
  • Keep negativity out of this part of the process. Keep opinions to yourself.

Submission should be formatted like this.

In the book…
Young Will Stanton

In the film…
Young Will Stanton

Change effects the story…
Postively or Negatively

Any possible citations (Not required)
If possible, please cite the chapter, and paragraph number that the event occured. And if the DVD is available, note the chapter from the scene selections.

Any posts NOT formated like the above will be disqualified for inclusion on the website.

Thank you!

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