The Dark is Rising Finds a Brother … and its Villain

Just the other day Ryan brought us news of the increasing cast for the film adaptation of Susan Cooper’s young adult fantasy series, The Dark is Rising. After grabbing a “good guy” in Ian McShane, they’ve got themselves a bad guy, who is none other than Dr. Who alum and current invisible man, Christopher Eccleston.

(Or, if you haven’t been geekfesting on television lately, he’s starred in everything from Shallow Grave to The Others.) They’ve also added Gregory Smith to the cast (Everwood star), who will be wiping away his clean-cut image to play the edgy, tattooed older brother of Will. In case you’re itching to know how all of the cast is fitting in, here’s a quick guide: Alexander Ludwig is playing the lead, Will Stanton — a boy who finds out that he is the last of the Old Ones on his 11th birthday, and subsequently rises to power. As for the others:

Ian McShane will be Merriman Lyon — the first Old One, which bonds him to the last, Will, as a mentor. Christopher Eccleston is playing The Rider (I assume Black) — a Lord of the Dark with power comparable to Merriman, he’s Will’s major nemesis — and the man who tries to bring him to the Dark Side. (And better to look at than a deep breather in a big, black mask.) Gregory Smith will be Max — Will’s older brother. Emma Lockhart will play Gwen — the oldest of the Stanton children. Austin Vaccaro is playing James — Will’s slightly older brother who loves to tease. Frances Conroy, the mom from Six Feet Under, doesn’t have her role listed yet. Could she perhaps be The Lady — a great being of Light who is a friend and mentor to all of the Old Ones?


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