Stars baaask as fans flock

Victoria’s newest film star could easily become Hollywood’s hottest piece of meat. Hopefully not, though. A bit of a Ewe Jackman, Nigel the sheep hits the big screen soon in Charlotte’s Web.

The border leicester and “his” nine woolly co-stars aren’t invited to Sunday’s red-carpet premiere. They’re not trusted on carpet.

But they’re still stars on the Murchison farm where they live with trainers Sarah and Cody Rawson-Harris. The couple are Australia’s foremost sheep trainers and that is for a good reason.

“Other trainers didn’t want anything to do with sheep,” Ms Rawson-Harris says. “There’s not much glory in it.”

Despite that, they won’t have a baaa of talk that sheep are stupid. Lamb and smart seldom go together in a sentence, except on a pack with a Heart Foundation tick. Their brains aren’t much appreciated, at least not without a white sauce.

But Mr Rawson-Harris says “sheep are actually quite intelligent”, and seems annoyed at suggestions otherwise. “A lot of people can’t get their dog to sit or stay,” he adds, with emphasis.

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