New Line and Walden Media Prep Journey 3-D Sequel for Fall 2011

New Line and Walden Media are putting together the sequel to Journey to the Center of The Earth, and sources said that Brendan Fraser is definitely teetering. The reason: the studio wants to make a fall, 2011 release date which would mean hiring another director to replace Eric Brevig, who’s busy with another Warner Bros 3D film, Yogi Bear.

Fraser wants to be loyal to Brevig and is resisting New Line’s suggestion of filmmakers like Brad Peyton. New Line’s alternative would be re-fashion the film around Josh Hutcherson, who played Fraser’s character’s son in the original film. Such a move would save an eight-figure star salary, but it is a major risk to go without a star to return to a film that grossed $242 million worldwide.

-via Deadline Hollywood

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