Forbes 400: Philip Anschutz Makes the cut

Phil Anschutz keeps appearing in the strangest places. His Walden Media production company produced the mega-hit movie The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, an adaptation of the first of C.S. Lewis’ seven Chronicles of Narnia books.

Lately, most of what has been written about Anschutz has focused on his politics – which is unfortunate, because the man is one of the most fascinating investors around. Anschutz has made several interesting (and often contrarian) investments in his lifetime. His past investments in publicly traded Union Pacific (UNP) and Qwest (Q) are well-known (Anschutz is Qwest’s founder).

Through his private holding company, Anschutz has made investments in energy, media, professional sports, and real estate. Lately, he has been withdrawing from his role in these investments to focus on his entertainment ventures (including Walden Media).

31 – Philip F. Anschutz ($7.8 billion)


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