Westfield Launches Interactive Partnership With Charlotte’s Web

Westfield recently announced a new interactive partnership with Paramount Pictures launched with “Zuckerman’s Barn: ‘Charlotte’s Web’ Interactive Experience” at eight Westfield locations across the U.S.

“Charlotte’s Web,” the classic story of loyalty, trust and sacrifice comes to life in a live-action adaptation in theaters this Christmas. To promote the film, Paramount has partnered with Westfield to create an interactive barn experience that includes numerous imaginative elements, games and videos. Mr. Zuckerman and his farm hands will also be there to introduce the barn to children, guide them through the interactive elements and host story times.

“Our new partnership with Paramount turns two-dimensional promotions into a fun three dimensional interactive experience,” said Todd Putman, Westfield’s Executive Vice President of Marketing. “We look forward to continuing this brand alliance and to future opportunities working with Paramount.”

As part of the “Zuckerman’s Barn: ‘Charlotte’s Web’ Interactive Experience,” peepholes are integrated into the barn’s walls to reveal characters and scenes from the movie, as well as unveil the movie’s cast members associated with specific characters. The barn will also include “Zuckerman’s Famous Pig” crate that will be a full-scale replica for children to sit inside and experience Wilbur’s travel to the fair. In addition, children will have the opportunity to sit in a customized web hammock and have their picture taken with a life-size, talking Wilbur.

The barn experience, designed by o2 Creative Solutions, continues with an interactive trough that will house several displays that include carrots, apples and other non-traditional control knobs for games as well as the “Charlotte’s Web” game for Nintendo DS. Plasma screens, framed as barn windows, will also showcase an interactive trivia game that invites children to identify characters and events from the story, as well as feature Charlotte magically weaving participant’s names into her web on screen. Plus, bales of hay will create a theatre seating area for children to view the making of “Charlotte’s Web” for an insider’s look at the film and an exclusive peak at how Charlotte spins her web.

Eight Westfield centers feature “Zuckerman’s Barn: ‘Charlotte’s Web’ Interactive Experience,” including: Westfield South Shore in Bayshore, New York; Westfield South Park in Cleveland, Ohio; Westfield Chicago Ridge in Chicago, Illinois; and Westfield Chesterfield in St. Louis, Missouri. The additional four Westfield centers are located in California, including: Westfield North County in Escondido; Westfield Century City in Los Angeles; Westfield Topanga in Canoga Park; and Westfield San Francisco Centre in San Francisco.

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