Water Horse Teaser Delayed, Score Recording soon

Director Jay Russell has added a blog entry regarding the teaser for the Water Horse that was supposed to be attached to Spider-Man 3. They couldn’t get the teaser finished in time for release with Spider-Man, so it has been delayed. It may be attached to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix this July instead.

There is some good news though: James Newton Howard is about to start recording the score to the film at Abbey Road. It will be recorded over the next two weeks with the London Symphony Orchestra and special guest artists The Chieftains! And at the same time, in Dublin, they’ll be recording the closing credit song, written and peformed by Sinead O’ Connor. The track is being produced by Daniel Lanois, producer of some of U2’s best music (including The Joshua Tree).

For more on the teaser, here’s an excerpt from his blog:

The Visual FX could not be finished in time at a level of perfection which I would want anyone to see. The Weta Digital team is doing such an amazing and ground breaking job on this film that I feel I must protect their work until it is completely ready to be seen.

The idea now is that we’ll try to put together a full trailer for later in the summer, hopefully in time for “Harry Potter.” But so as not to disappoint further, I must say this – I will serve no wine before its time…

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