Walden Media Properties Licensed to Fox

Playthings.com continues their great coverage of the New York Licensing Show with news on not just Prince Caspian, but other Walden Media projects as well. Take a look to see what they’ll be a part of!

For younger fans, Fox also has an array of properties and product on the horizon. The company was recently named licensing agent for Walden Media, producers of the The Chronicles of Narnia, Charlotte’s Web and Bridge to Teribithia. Fox will develop licensed merchandise programs for the upcoming Prince Caspian, the second film in the Narnia series, as well as the additional upcoming live-action film products The Dark is Rising, City of Ember and the Tortoise and the Hippo, which is based on the popular Scholastic children’s book series about the friendship between the now famous African animal friends, Owen and Mzee. “Fox has got a very robust portfolio of brands,” Peikoff said. “Walden gives us a complementary layer, and we’re broadening our consumer base … We don’t want to be all kids’ [brands] but we certainly don’t want to be all adults’ [brands.] It allows us to leverage all parts of the demographics.”


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