Walden Media picks up Simon Bloom film rights

Walden Media has picked up rights to Simon Bloom: The Gravity Keeper, and has hired Adam F. Goldberg to write the script. Adam Goldberg is best known for Fanboys and Aliens in the Attic.  This comes as no surprise to us, as Walden Media is the co-publisher of the book series.

The young adult series by Michael Reisman is about an 11-year old who discovers a hidden magical forest in his New Jersey town. He and a pal happen upon a clearing where the Order of Physics has just met and where Simon is hit in the head by a book. It’s filled with scientific formulas the kids learn to wield like magic spells. Joined by a young girl fascinated by their ability to control gravity and friction, the trio battles a mysterious woman tattooed over with scientific formulas, whose goal is to take over the world.

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