The Amazing Change: Zach Speaks Out

What If It Were You?
Zach Hunter is the student spokesperson for The Amazing Change Campaign. This summer alone, he has spoken to hundreds of thousands of students about the issue of modern day slavery. Below you will find Zach’s speaking points outlined in his most recent blog entry.

What if it were you, or your best friend, or your brother, or your mom? What if your feet were shackled together all day long as you sit on a dirt floor rolling cigarettes? What if you had to dive down to the bottom of the river to untangle your masters’ fishing nets, after your best friend had just drowned the day before doing the same thing? What if your father had a drug addiction so he sold you into slavery to get his next high? What if you crushed boulders into gravel with a heavy hammer all day long until you were breathless, sun burnt and bleeding? This is the case for many men, women, and children around the world today.

Many people don’t have the freedoms you and I do. They don’t own their time, money, food, or water they don’t even own themselves! These people can’t come and go as they please. They are slaves. I’m not just talking about sweatshop labor here, I’m talking about slavery that is every bit as sick and ugly as it was in our country two hundred years ago. Some people might say that it’s not their business just because these slaves are an ocean away, or have a different skin color. But we had better make it our business because: “What if it were you?”

Zach has been around the country this past summer speaking to hundreds of thousands of people telling them about modern day slavery. Here he spoke to more than 35,000 people, showing them shackles that are used on child slaves today. The crowd yelled ‘FREEDOM’ to show their support for victims of slavery.

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