Mr. Magorium to Wrap Filming June 11

Story by Last call for Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium cast outings up in Hollywood North, according to our favorite on set den mother:

All of the Emporium scenes are done. There are 3 off set location left but aside from a few days of B camera work, (just shots of location no cast involved) they are wrapped. June 11th is the last day of cast filming.

A couple more days for Dustin Hoffman to find the perfect Canadian undergarment, for Natalie Portman to be spotted with men, boys, and dogs, and for Jason Bateman to be, um, well, Jason Bateman. According to our sources, the most recent filming locations have been on Toronto area beaches–yes there are such things. So, for old times sake, T.O. residents and visitors need to search every Toronto hen house, out house, beach house and dog house to try and find out what the cast and crew are doing during their last days of filming. One more trip to Mr. Tastys anyone? [Go to for the rest!]

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