by Michael Reisman

Ordinary sixth-grader, Simon Bloom has just made the biggest discovery since gravity – and it literally fell into his lap. Or onto his head anyway. You see, Simon has found the Teacher’s Edition of Physics, a magical reference book containing the very formulas that control the laws that govern the universe. By reciting the formulas out loud, he’s able to do the impossible – like reverse the force of gravity to float weightlessly and reduce friction to glide on air!

But a book that powerful isn’t safe with Simon for long. Before he knows it, he is being pursued by evil forces bent on gaining control of the formulas. And they’ll do anything to retrieve them. Now, Simon and his friends Alysha and Owen must use their wits and the magic of science in a galactic battle for the book, and the future of the universe, in this funny, fast-paced science fiction adventure from first-time author Michael Reisman.

Published: 5/14/2009 (Walden Media/Dutton Children’s Books)

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