Platypus Police Squad: The Frog Who Croakedby Jarrett J. Krosoczka

This is the city. Kalamazoo City. Platypuses work here. They carry a badge. They’re called the Platypus Police Squad.

Paired together after a veteran detective retires, hotshot rookie Rick Zengo and hard-nosed old-timer Corey O’Malley don’t immediately see eye-to-eye. But when a call comes in about a crime down at the docks involving a missing schoolteacher of the amphibious persuasion and a duffle bag full of illegal fish, they’re going to have to learn to set their differences aside if they want to get to the bottom of this. Especially when the clues all point to Frank Pandini Jr., Kalamazoo’s first son and its most powerful, well-respected businessman. His new club is the hottest place in town and serves the best root-beer floats around…but could Pandini have his paws in the illegal fish trade?

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