by Paul Adam

Max Cassidy can escape from anything. Only fourteen years old, Max is the world’s foremost escape artist. Chained, handcuffed, locked in an airtight water tank, there’s nothing he can’t get himself out of. He learned the art from his father – a man who just a year ago was murdered, Max’s mother going to jail for the crime.

Now, a mysterious man has shown up backstage after one of Max’s shows, telling Max that not only is his mother innocent, but that his father is still alive. He can provide only one clue: a slip of paper with eight digits written on it. It is this clue that will lead Max from his home in London to the exotic and deadly Caribbean country of San Domingo, and the impenetrable fortress on the sinister Ilsa de Sombra.

Max Cassidy can escape from anything – but with the chance to finally know the truth about what has torn his family apart, escape from Shadow Island is the last thing on his mind.

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