by Linzi Glass

If you asked her, Bree would probably tell you she’s got enough problems in her life. Her mom and dad are always too busy with work to spend time with her, and she just got paired up for a scene in drama class with Ashton Adams, the most popular boy in school—and he doesn’t even know who Bree is. The only bright spot in her life is her dog, Danny – the most adorable border collie in the world, and the only one around who seems to know Bree exists and wants to spend time with her. That is, until Mom accidentally leaves the gate open one morning and Danny disappears.

For Mom, it’s a big mistake. For Bree, it’s devastating, another reminder that Mom hardly seems to think about her anymore. But it’s Bree’s search for Danny that leads her to the Vox Street Animal Shelter, where she finds new friends, a new purpose—and perhaps a way to put the pieces of her life back together.

The Human Society of the United States (HSUS) reaches out to youth from elementary school through college to encourage caring about and caring for animals. From our bi-monthly newsletter KIND News to progrmas such as Mission: Humane, we provide information, step-by-step projects, rewards, and support to young people and community leaders interested in getting active for animals. In Finding Danny, 12-year-old Bree discovers that one person can make a big difference for animals. Imagine how much many young people working together can do! Be a part fo the action—Join Mission: Humane or find out about other HSUS programs for young people at

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